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Pure Jacob Sheep fleece : KMF1827

Fleeces : Pure Breed Jacob Sheep fleece. (112/KMF1827)
One of our mostly white fleeces, especially favourite for those who dye.
Apologies .. she did get a bit dusty because it rained in the days before the shearing, but this will wash off very easily.
These fleeces are pure raw fibre, that have not been washed. This can be done if required.
Weight 1.04 kg Price £10.40 plus postage and packing

Blue Face Leicester x Jacob fleece : KMF1811

Blue face Leiciester x Jacob Sheep fleece.  (21/KMF1811)
This cross creates even softer, more curly fleeces, and our girls are now 8 years old, with their fleeces getting paler with time. Gorgeous honey tones on the tips to the very darkest inside. So much fun to hand spin or felt. 
Weight 2.1 kg     Price £20.10 plus postage and packing