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A few really useful cockerels for sale

A few really useful young cockerels – with excellent old productive lines in their ancestry .. they look great too.
These cross bred boys have some of the best Rhode Island / Plymouth rock / Light Sussex bloodlines in their make up. All free range reared. Will add useful egg numbers to the future flock generations. Still youngsters, growing into themselves. Kintaline Farm, Benderloch

Black Rock hens : great mums

Whilst our main flock of Black Rocks are here to lay the scrummiest free range eggs, ranging over herb rich pasture adding valuable nutrition to the grazing as well as producing the best compost activator every night, we do keep a few older hens who will go broody. They are the BEST mums – here are a few of this years babies : including the addition of guinea fowl keets to be future tick control around the farm, aren’t they beautiful ? Mums and babies get to free range around the park, amongst the fruit trees, perennials and herbs. #living larders #permaculture #grow your own #smallholding #crofting #black rock hens
black rock hen with black chicks black rock hens with guinea fowl keets black rock hen with chicksblack rock hen with chicks mother hen

Black Rock Pullets and Growers for sale June 2017

First week of June
We have Black Rock pullets and both Brown and Black Rock growers for sale (10 and 7 weeks old)
The Pullets and older growers are ranging outside, with the younger birds following on when they have matured a few more weeks.
The growers can go to new homes, but you have to keep them seperate from adult birds.
As our birds are outside they must be booked before you come to collect. We will not chase them around acres of grazing if you just appear <g>.
Contact us to arrange collection, please bring boxes, and we have feed, bedding and equipment for sale here too.



Happy New Year from Kintaline – (and then there is bird flu)

hi and can we wish you all a Very Happy New Year.

I was hoping to be writing this with a clear week or so since the last avian influenza incidence in the UK .. instead it is with the news that we are all on lockdown until the 28th FEBRUARY !!!

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone that has been in place since 6 December will be extended until 28 February to help protect poultry and captive birds from avian flu, the Chief Veterinary Officer has announced.

The zone requires keepers of poultry and other captive birds to continue to keep their birds indoors, or take appropriate practical steps to keep them separate from wild birds.

It covers England and similar declarations have been made in Scotland and Wales. There is also a GB-wide ban on poultry shows and gatherings.
We have still got layers meal in stock – and will try and get more for next week – this takes the birds longer to eaat so helps to keep them entertained.
We are feeding our birds grass pellets soaked up which they are enjoying – we could make up small bags if you are interested
We also have bags of meal worms – 250 g and 500g
For those of you concerned about birds being on the same ground we have bags of layers pellets with Vermex in – this is a natural wormer.
We have plenty of bedding – so you can cover ground with that as well as their houses ..

if you would like other ideas or need advice, do not hesitate to get in touch.
If you are needing any feeds I will be adding to the order today that comes in next week ..

The powers that be clearly consider we are at a real and present risk of more migratory birds coming into the UK from the continent where there is still significant outbreaks of bird flu. . this is not something they would do to us all lightly.

Some people have expressed concerns about neighbours not complying ..
the Person to report these things to is
David Kerr
Senior Animal Health and Welfare Officer
Argyll & Bute Council HQ
PA31 8RT
Tel: 01546604283
Mob: 07767795146

Black Rock pullets for sale

Free range raised pullets for excellent hardy laying hens – the Muirfield Black Rock is the best bird for our climate. Raising them outside gets them fit, well feathered, and ready to lay lots of good brown eggs. Being good rangers the hens take best advantage of their surroundings to improve the flavour and quality of the eggs.
Black Rock; Brown Rock; Grey Rock; Light Sussex