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Perennial Kale Cuttings

Daubentons kale cuttings for sale
Daubentons Kale perennial nutritious food : all year around healthy nutrition packed delicious greens .. such an easy plant to care for.

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Spring 2020 

I have a few Daubentons Perennial Kale Cuttings for sale.
These will be freshly taken and prepared, wrapped in moist moss, bagged and posted to you early in the week.
Unwrap immediately on receipt and plant as deep as possible into a pot of compost, and water well, a good 2/3 in the soil is best.

Our Daubentons Perennial kale, once established, has provided us with plenty of great kale all year around for years.
It is tasty and wonderfully nutritious.

Each cutting is £2.25 plus postage (or collect from the farm)

Daubentons kale cuttings for sale
Daubentons Kale cuttings – pop them into moist compost, with a little care they will root in a few months to grow on to the most delicious perennnial kale plants.

Free range pork

Free range pork : fresh in today (31st March)

Delighted to see our scrummy free range pork back from Mull today. All for sale, limited joints, lots of sausages, bacon back next week.
Fill your freezers .. <g>

Contact for collection /local delivery arrangements. Please share with friends and family.

These 2 were locally born and raised with us all winter helping to clear different areas of ground around the farm. Happy, healthy lovely girls made wonderful meat.
● Joints       ○ Sausages
● Chops      ○ Bacon
● Steaks      ● Ribs

Free range pork : April 2020

We will have scrumptious Free Range Pork
Fresh IN TODAY – 31st March 2020 …WOW … a week later and we just have some sausages and a little bacon left .. THANK YOU SOO MUCH EVERYONE ..
Locally born weaners raised with us on free range with a deep straw bed and lots of cuddles until their short last journey to the lovely people at Mull Slaughterhouse.

● Joints
● Chops
● Steaks
○ Sausages
○ Bacon
● Ribs

January pollinators

What do we have around for any bees out in the increasingly mild month of January?

So far it’s been really wet here on the west, but very little snow around us.

In between the showers there are likely to be winter insects, even bees, out and about.

What do we have flowering for them?

Mahonia, Gorse, Ivy, Periwinkle, Hellebores, Snowdrops

There is strong growth on the other early bulbs, and plans to take lots of cuttings so that the Mahonia can be spread into hedge rows across the farm. The flowers and berries are edible too.

Beeswax wraps 2020

Support Kintaline = In the difficult circumstances that the coronavirus has brought to us, I am looking at what I can sell to help to pay the bills here at Kintaline. June 2020- Coronavirus update : The FEEDSTORE is still openfor wild bird feed, poultry feed and bedding, dog, horse, pig, sheep feeds – please contact us before coming, respect our safety arrangements, payment by BACS / Card, and please order in advance to keep your livestock supplied. We can arrange delivery if that helpsFree range eggs at the farm gate, hutch fittings and money pot being disinfected regularly. Free range pork we just have a few packs of sausage, bacon, mince left – we will make careful arrangements for buyers : Beeswax wraps and a few plants available from the farm or mail order. As timber supplies re-establish, the manufacture and delivery of Henhouses is beginning again. As the Covid movement restrictions relax a little and we can move about more in our local area, if you are visiting a loved one whose grave you would have normally visited in this time, we can make up one of our lovely all natural foliage wreaths to take with you.
Love giving vintage fabrics a new purpose : .
Each of these are 100% cotton and can be used many many times before they can be put on the compost heap.
The common sizes are approximately 30 x 30 for £7 : 25 x 25 for £5 :
Using vintage fabrics, I choose sizes that creates zero waste so most designs are in a mix of sizes, and some only one size, whatever makes the best use of the design or the cloth.

Some of these are available into the Made In Argyll shop in Oban on the pier. They are also available direct from the farm, including mail order. There is a paypal button beside each pattern. I will refund excess postage for multiple purchases.

Make 2020 the year we ditch the single use plastic, care for our planet, and these are such a lovely way to take a simple step.

Sales to the United Kingdom only at this time. Many thanks

Green floral design on cream beeswax wrapGreen Foliage design on cream background Beeswax wraps


dark blue fruits bees wax wrapFruits on dark blue background beeswax wrap in a variety of sizes


Apricot Dragonflies bees wax wrap Apricot Dragonflies beeswax wrap in a variety of sizes


red milk bottles beeswax wrapRed Milk Bottles beeswax wraps


Bold apricot green peach blue flower pattern beeswax wrap


bold apricot green white flower beeswax wrapOrange bold pattern White flower Beeswax wrap


geometric blue pink whiteGeometric blue pink white beeswax wrap


Fawn grey white flowers  beeswax wrapFawn grey white flowers beeswax wrap


Brown birds foliage beeswax wrapBrown birds foliage beeswax wrap


Birds foliage green background beeswax wrapBirds foliage green background beeswax wrap


Burgundy green presents beeswax wrapsBurgundy green presents beeswax wraps


flowers on white background beeswax wrapFlowers on white background Beeswax wraps


browns greens landscape dots beeswax wrapsBrowns Greens landscape dots Beeswax wraps


Beeswax wrap girl dog umbrella pinkBeeswax wrap girl dog umbrella pink


Horses riders green black white beeswax wraps


Small yellow flowers Beeswax wraps
Blue purple flowers beeswax wraps


Greens Browns paisley stripe beeswax wrap Greens Browns paisley stripe beeswax wrap


Green small flowers beeswax wrapGreen small flowers beeswax wrap


Peach Green flowers and stripes beeswax wrap


grey cream burgundy geometric beeswax  wrapsGeometric grey cream burgundy pattern beeswax wrap


blue white flowers beeswax wrapsBlue white flowers medium beeswax wrap


I want you to be delighted with your wrap, if you have any concern, please contact me within 30 days of purchase explaining the problem, for a replacement. Refunds can only be given for wraps that are returned unopened, excluding delivery.

Make Soil – Crowdsourcing the creation of new living soil

Soils are one of the most powerful carbon capture mechanisms .. and there are so many ways we want to learn to do more.

We have joined the Make Soil Compost Waste collection point network.. click on the logo to see our map entry 

MakeSoil is an online platform powering a global movement to make soil together on a planet-saving scale. Redefining composting as making soil, Soil Makers can easily and safely post their Soil Sites to our online map, and invite their neighbours and friends to contribute their food and yard scraps. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can use MakeSoil to find Soil Makers near them or start a Soil Site themselves. Together, we can reduce food waste, restore nutrients to our food, capture carbon in the ground, and beautify our neighborhoods.

Fleeces 2019

Fleeces for sale 2019

Jacob fleeces for sale .. in the raw, can be lightly scoured as extra. ..
all these fleeces can be posted out, cost depends on weight, and we only get to post office once a week ..
Manx wether fleece

1.2 kg – £12

Jacob 3/4 x Blue face leicester 1/4

2.6 kg  – £26

Pure Jacob fleece

1.6kg – £16


It’s not just woodland

We have several land management routes to support ourselves and our ecosystems into the future.
Creating Living Larders that can happen on a micro community level as well as on commercial agriculture / estate level will change our food ecosystems as well as creating massive carbon sequestration.
Repairing our soil biosphere : by many means including no dig gardening, forest gardens, regenerative agriculture and trees mixed is best.
Improving grasslands by regenerative livestock and no till agriculture that also gives us a lot of high quality low input protein, greens, etc as well as moving away from fossil fuel dependence for arable crops : chemicals, plastic, machinery, energy for drying, shipping, processing. As well as high dependence on water for irrigation.
Mixed woodland also gives us fruit, nuts, herbs, greens, vital mychorrizal activity that releases the as well as creating new micro habitats that allow more food species to be grown
The grasslands are the biggest carbon sink, the woodland the most long term stable.
We need all these, alongside the renewable energy, the reduction of plastic use and waste, and investment in innovation to find new solutions.. and each of us can do something to help right here, right now.