Birds for sale

Winter 2019 – we have a good selection of young Muscovies for sale – both lavender and black. These make great pets, are very good mothers, lay plenty of eggs and are superb table birds. We are happy to sell for the table, and can advise on home processing.
We do have a couple of turkeys spare either for home processing for Christmas or after, you get a lot of meals from one bird, or as pets .. they are lovely creatures.
2 black rock hens in gardenWe have been raising Muirfield Black Rock Pullets for over 25 years. They are the best birds for domestic and small commercial free ranging production. Farms, crofts, smallholdings, gardens all are great places for Black Rocks to roam and lay. Black Rocks are not only great egg layers, but they are really beautiful too.
There have been issues with getting hold of reliable deliveries recently so we have begun to get to know some of the other commercial birds available these days. So we now have commercial Leghorns, Marans Cuvee, and various Brown layers, and will have growers and pullets for sale in small numbers over the year.

We will hatch from our own birds too on occasion – we keep older layers so they go broody, the best way to raise youngstock, but also with the incubator if we have time. All youngstock is free range reared, when they can. The adults are so much stronger, healthier and better feathered raised outside on herb rich grazing.

trevor and two wivesIn mid summer we can also get Bronze turkey poults – these need to be ordered by end May to be hatched for you. They are available as pets or for home processing at Christmas. Turkeys are lovely nosy and

We also now have Guinea fowl and quail so may have youngstock available in the future.

Keep an eye on our facebook / Instagram page or the news here for the next delivery – drop us an email to discuss your needs and place an order.

For many years we also had a Utility poultry and waterfowl breeding programme here at Kintaline – with 16 breeds of chicken and 12 breeds of duck all bred, hatched and raised on the farm for sale. It was a joy to learn from some of the great breeders of our past, and improve on our foundation stocks year on year. It was very sad to have to let them all go, but life changes and we could not longer do the best by the birds. We still have notes on our birds, and the breeds on the website here.

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