Bees : Asian Hornet

on the 17th March 2017 Scot Gov issued a warning about an Asian Hornet (Vespa velutina) that was found in the Central belt, close by retail warehousing hubs.

SG today confirmed that a single Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina had been identified at a retail warehouse in the central belt of Scotland. The Asian Hornet is a non-native species and a serious predator of honey bees and other pollinators which has recently become established in Europe. There are no more public health risks associated with Asian hornets than with other bees or wasps.
Asian hornets were first identified in the GB during autumn 2016, that outbreak was dealt with and no further reports have been confirmed since.  It is not possible to identify the origin of this individual and no further sightings have been made, however for surveillance purposes SG has placed Asian Hornet traps in the area and alerted the pest control industry and beekeepers to be vigilant for this species
Beekeepers are being encouraged to put up Asian hornet traps all over the country this year to try and prevent this dangerous predator from becoming part of our ecology.
You can buy the traps, or buy just the Asian Hornet pheromone to use in home made traps . It is most effective that these are hung around hives, but other locations are valuable too.