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Great Fibre Feeds

There is a growing demand for great fibre feeds we can grow in this country to provide wonderful nutrition for our livestock to replace grains we have to import. 
This improves our carbon footprint, grass fed meat has health benefits, and it’s good for our livestock 

Kintaline Feeds have a variety of fibre feeds on offer from a variety of companies. 

Dengie are one of the best and can offer :

Grass nuts

  • Digestible Energy 10MJ/kg
  • Protein 18
  • Oil 3
  • Ash (mineral) 10
  • Fibre 20
  • Naturally Occurring Sugar 12
  • Starch 2

Alfalfa Pellets

  • Digestible Energy 10MJ/kg
  • Protein 16
  • Oil 2.5
  • Ash (mineral) 10
  • Fibre 27
  • Naturally Occurring Sugar 5
  • Starch 3


  • Digestible Energy 10.5MJ/kg
  • Protein 14
  • Oil 3
  • Ash (mineral) 10
  • Fibre 32
  • Naturally Occurring Sugar 5
  • Starch 2

Sugar Beet

  • Metabolisable Energy 12.5 MJ/kg
  • Crude Protein 9.5

Goofy turkeys

Turkeys are not only tasty,  they are very friendly, tame, and nosy !!

they also like their tummy tickled.
These boys and girls are for sale : either for Christmas or as pets.


Gorse has many uses to justify its presence on the farm – more Gorse

  1. wind shelter
  2. sheep fodder browse
  3. flowers for many months for pollinators
  4. flowers make fab gin !
  5. habitat for wildlife
  6. brings nutrients from deep to the surface
  7. fixed nitrogen
  9. protects fencing
  10. old gorse makes wonderful firewood
  11. dried gorse makes great firelighters
  12. gorse protects other young trees, living and as branches
  13. strong growing, revitalises well when cut back
  14. seeds stay dormant for years to spring to life when ground is disturbed
  15. lots of seedlings around to replant in new hedgerow

Light Sussex pullets

We have just a few Light Sussex pullets and one Cockerel left this season. 

Here are their grown up siblings .. very handsome birds, and the girls are still laying. Some were broody this summer so you would be able to raise your own. They are a good size, meaty and productive. 


Hurricane / Storm Ophelia coming our way

It is disconcerting to a household that used to be Merchant Navy to see a full blown hurricane processing north from the Azores, up by Portugal towards us.
It will “only” be a storm by the time it hits us tomorrow but the changes in direction are a significant concern..



The biggest wind previously recorded in Ireland .. 1839

The Night of the Big Wind was the most devastating storm ever recorded in Irish history. Known in As Gaeilge as ‘Oiche na Gaoithe Moire’, the hurricane of 6th and 7th January 1839 made more people homeless in a single night than all the sorry decades of eviction that followed it.

Ardchattan Parish Archive Open Day Friday 6th October

As part of the Scottish first annual Heritage Awareness Day the Ardchattan Parish Archive will be open all day from 10.30 am here at Kintaline Farm, Benderloch.
Come along to see what is in the archive : maps, books, records, images ..
Share your family tree, learn some more family connections, find out about the places locally.
Bring images and records to be scanned, donations of these are very welcome to learn from and share.

Living Larders : Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam is an invasive perennial, and we had one wild area of the farm that got taken over a bit, coming in from the road side.
We have now got on top of it and have very little to clear each year… and will be keeping it that way.
Bees DO love it, but they will be attracted to it to the detriment of other native plants. When the pods explode they shower seeds metres away.
Having said that, the flowers ARE really pretty and make a very delicious syrup. Harvest them whilst clearing up the plants, (that are then bagged and left to go to sludge)
When the TV show 3 hungry boys were filming with us some years, they did some HB clearing and then made syrup and pancakes to sell & barter at our Community Producers Market to get more food for their next stages of their journey..
(this link has since failed : .. 3 hungry boys episode 6)

Juice of a lemon
Water (about 100ml)
250g sugar
50g Himalayan balsam petals
1. Heat your water and lemon juice gently.
2. Dissolve the sugar in the lemon water mixture and then add the petals – after about 5 minutes it should turn a bright pink colour.
3. Cook over a low heat for 30 minutes stirring continuously until you have a runny syrup. The longer you cook the thicker it gets, if you like you could try thickening it into a jelly.
4. Strain the mixture through a fine sieve.
5. Serve on pancakes or desserts.

Soils, Compost and Lasagna bed workshop September 9-10 2017

Ludwig Appeltans, Earth Ways, will be leading a permaculture weekend workshop at Kintaline Farm, Benderloch
September 9 – 10 2017

Topic for this course is : Soils, Compost and making Lasagna beds (sheet mulching)

  • Learning about growing food inevitably starts with building soil.
  • Come and learn how to create a soil abundant in life with a rich variety of nutrients.
  • Help your plants to be healthy and nutrient dense.
  • Discover how a good soil helps your plants to be disease and pest resistant and how a good soil helps to prevent unwanted weeds.
  • The workshop includes a hands-on session on building a lasagna bed: From lawn to veg bed in no-time.  workshop will be in a polytunnel to protect us from the weather.