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Full Feedstore list and prices for Summer 2016

All updated and uploaded : our new feed store list of products and prices.

There is over 50 pages of feed, bedding and supplements from a huge range of manufacturers for Dogs, Cats, small Pets, Poultry, Livestock, Horses and ponies.

These can be ordered from us, we have regular deliveries; and collected from the farm where we are open daily.

Fleece washing in the summer sun (and showers)

With all our Jacob ewes, gimmers and wedders shorn the next job is to get the fleeces sorted, skirted, washed and dried ready for sale to crafters, spinners, felters and weavers.
We have a few fleeces that are ideal for felting as a rug. Others make lovely fibre for creating with.
wool drying jacob fleece-wm

wool blue face leicester x jacob fleece-wm

wool sorting fleeces-wm

May is always a blaze of colour in Argyll

Rhododendrons have a bad press due to R.ponticum being such a thug when it gets loose in the wild. The hybrids however are well behaved, and bring us stunning colour, forms, and even fragrance from some. This blue flower of the dwarf rhody Bluetit is one of our oldest plants, now around 45 years old. The vivacious pink Linda is a popular lady, a riot of colour; others are more discrete, with exquisite detail.

rhody linda DSCF4555unnamed white rhody DSCF4556

NAF PROCell – new to list

naf-procell-one-litre-600x600NAF 5* PROCell 1ltr (NH123) – New
NAF 5* PROCell 4ltr (NH124) – New
NAF’s veterinary and nutritional specialists have developed PROCell as an appropriate and effective nutritional solution to help optimise horses’ performance levels.
PROCell is iron rich and fortified with vitamins and minerals to maximise training and performance potential and has the added immune system support of Yucca and Echinacea.
Sizes: 1 litre and 4 litre

Verm-X Poultry Range – new

Verm X layers pellets – new range in our feed list

Introducing a new product in our feed list
– we will get a few wee bags with the next order, happy to include large bags to order.
Layers feed with organic wormer included.

Verm-X Poulty Range:
Layers Pellets + Verm-X 20kg (CD01): £10.60
Layers Pellets + Verm-X 5kg (CD02): £4.95
Layers Mash + Verm-X 20kg (CD03): £10.90

Grass Seed for pasture repair

grass seedGrass Seed:
Broomhall Pasture Repair 25kg (BR99):
Price Structure:
£4.95 per kg
£60.00 per 25kg

Murray Grass Seed (Paddock Mix) 10kg (BR97): Grass seed ideal for re-seeding grass land.
RRP – £60.00
Price per 10kg bag – £40

Contact us to order


We have hordes of sparrows on the farm .. lots of busy wee birds, raising their young.
Here is one having a wee rest from the constant foraging for voracious appetites and enjoying the sunshine.