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A few really useful cockerels for sale

A few really useful young cockerels – with excellent old productive lines in their ancestry .. they look great too.
These cross bred boys have some of the best Rhode Island / Plymouth rock / Light Sussex bloodlines in their make up. All free range reared. Will add useful egg numbers to the future flock generations. Still youngsters, growing into themselves. Kintaline Farm, Benderloch

Living larders : Seaweed harvesting

Autumn is a time for harvesting : picking processing and storing what we have grown for the coming months, capturing the goodness as best we can. 
Because of my fibromyalgia (and the way of living that caused my fibro) I have not done much in previous years, so enjoying what I can do this year, in the growing, the eating, and the harvesting. 
The recent storms are a blessing for our soils as the nearby shores are awash with wonderful seaweeds. Yesterday I went down with the wee trailer to one such beach, with permission, and started this autumns collection.. so many lovely varieties, and such SUPERFOOD .. Taking our ‘fair share’ some will be dried for US to eat, as well as going on beds to breakdown, nourish and mulch the soils for next years crops.

SOLD 4 horned Jacob Tup – Shearling, great temperament

The boy is now SOLD, thank you
We have a lovely Jacob Tup for sale this autumn.
Ready to work, with a lovely stamp and temperament.
He is not registered but from pure stock over generations.
We have been selecting for great meat, fleeces, and hardiness for over 25 years here.
This lad is one of twins, which is our norm here, triplets are not uncommon with few singles.
Jacobs are easy lambing, easy care, and fun to have around.


Black Rock hens : great mums

Whilst our main flock of Black Rocks are here to lay the scrummiest free range eggs, ranging over herb rich pasture adding valuable nutrition to the grazing as well as producing the best compost activator every night, we do keep a few older hens who will go broody. They are the BEST mums – here are a few of this years babies : including the addition of guinea fowl keets to be future tick control around the farm, aren’t they beautiful ? Mums and babies get to free range around the park, amongst the fruit trees, perennials and herbs. #living larders #permaculture #grow your own #smallholding #crofting #black rock hens
black rock hen with black chicks black rock hens with guinea fowl keets black rock hen with chicksblack rock hen with chicks mother hen

Pure Jacob Sheep fleece : KMF1827

Fleeces : Pure Breed Jacob Sheep fleece. (112/KMF1827)
One of our mostly white fleeces, especially favourite for those who dye.
Apologies .. she did get a bit dusty because it rained in the days before the shearing, but this will wash off very easily.
These fleeces are pure raw fibre, that have not been washed. This can be done if required.
Weight 1.04 kg Price £10.40 plus postage and packing