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Blue Face Leicester x Jacob fleece : KMF1811

Blue face Leiciester x Jacob Sheep fleece.  (21/KMF1811)
This cross creates even softer, more curly fleeces, and our girls are now 8 years old, with their fleeces getting paler with time. Gorgeous honey tones on the tips to the very darkest inside. So much fun to hand spin or felt. 
Weight 2.1 kg     Price £20.10 plus postage and packing 

Pure Jacob Sheep Fleece : KMF1810

Fleeces : Pure Breed Jacob Sheep fleece : (um/KMF1810)
Large fleece with lovely textures, gorgeous colours, 
This fleeces shows the wee bit of dust that the fleeces picked up because it rained in the few days before shearing, this will wash out very easily.
Weight 1.92 kg  Price £19.20 plus postage and packing

Living Larders : Kintaline Bugs

It is a wonderful experience to be constantly surrounded by busy insect workers whereever we are on the farm. And this will just improve all the time with the added habitats we are creating every day.
A pal has been visiting and encouraging me to take more pictures of our bugs .. so have just uploaded an album of some of our insect friends on to our Facebook page


Living Larders : Verdant Abundance

So much abundance all around us, and this is just the start of our journey. A wee snap this morning of a corner : Rowan, Elder, Gorse, Raspberry, Mint, Chives, Sycamore … so much largesse for wildlife and ourselves in one space.

Living Larders : Eat Local; Buy Local

Sausages 7 ways : Bacon 5 ways.
We had run out of bacon and sausages so bought another pig from another local producer who was taking stock over to Mull for slaughter. These were the big brothers of our new girls, GREAT meat, and a fun day had making lots of different flavoured sausages today. The bacon will be sliced tomorrow and better breakfasts will follow <g> 

Oban Food Assembly : May 31 : we are there

If you are immediately local you are very welcome to visit our farm 

  • at the farm gate is eggs, wild bird food, sweet treats and more 
  • at the farm we have lots of Jacob mutton in a wide variety of cuts

If you cannot get here, but can get to Oban on a Thursday afternoon  we are part of the new Oban Food Assembly : you sign in, browse and buy from all the great local producers : and then come into the Rockfield centre at 4 pm on Thursday ..