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Perennial Kale Cuttings

Daubentons kale cuttings for sale
Daubentons Kale perennial nutritious food : all year around healthy nutrition packed delicious greens .. such an easy plant to care for.

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Spring 2020 

I have a few Daubentons Perennial Kale Cuttings for sale.
These will be freshly taken and prepared, wrapped in moist moss, bagged and posted to you early in the week.
Unwrap immediately on receipt and plant as deep as possible into a pot of compost, and water well, a good 2/3 in the soil is best.

Our Daubentons Perennial kale, once established, has provided us with plenty of great kale all year around for years.
It is tasty and wonderfully nutritious.

Each cutting is £2.25 plus postage (or collect from the farm)

Daubentons kale cuttings for sale
Daubentons Kale cuttings – pop them into moist compost, with a little care they will root in a few months to grow on to the most delicious perennnial kale plants.

Free range pork

Free range pork : fresh in today (31st March)

Delighted to see our scrummy free range pork back from Mull today. All for sale, limited joints, lots of sausages, bacon back next week.
Fill your freezers .. <g>

Contact for collection /local delivery arrangements. Please share with friends and family.

These 2 were locally born and raised with us all winter helping to clear different areas of ground around the farm. Happy, healthy lovely girls made wonderful meat.
● Joints       ○ Sausages
● Chops      ○ Bacon
● Steaks      ● Ribs

Free range pork : April 2020

We will have scrumptious Free Range Pork
Fresh IN TODAY – 31st March 2020 …WOW … a week later and we just have some sausages and a little bacon left .. THANK YOU SOO MUCH EVERYONE ..
Locally born weaners raised with us on free range with a deep straw bed and lots of cuddles until their short last journey to the lovely people at Mull Slaughterhouse.

● Joints
● Chops
● Steaks
○ Sausages
○ Bacon
● Ribs


POSTPONED due to Corona virus pandemic: We are delighted to welcome several of our Alexander technique teachers here in Benderloch in 2020

Please contact us to book your lesson or to ask any questions . Feel free to get in touch about future teacher visits

alexander technique teachers visits 2020 poster

Alexander technique teachers 2020

We are delighted to welcome our Alexander technique teachers to the Oban area again this year.

We start with Judy Palmer in March
Please book early so our teachers can plan their time during their stay. Feel free to get in touch to learn more about the lessons and to book.
Lessons are individual, although if you have a group who would like to talk to a teacher please ask. alexander technique teachers visits 2020 poster

Beautiful and vital early blooms

Another blossom in full bloom.. so important to have flowers all year around, for our insects, this is especially important for the native mason bees. With the weather getting milder, it’s wonderful to know there is a ready source of food for early emergents.
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Pieris blooms in February

Sowing preparations for the coming season

Storm Brendan might still be howling around having kept us all awake all night but looking forward to the coming growing season makes everything worth while. This “half tunnel” was made up using old tunnel hoops against a building to create an easy working space. The tables are sand covered in thick coffee that worms love but slugs don’t! It could be tidier !! and all our equipment is very ancient .. root trainers are wonderful for the broad beans and early peas and these are at least 20 years old !!