Alexander technique 2019


Alexander technique teacher visits in 2019 : Alexander Technique & Tellington TTouch training, Benderloch
Erica Donnison is planning to visit us at Kintaline Farm, Benderloch several times this year – sign up to the Alexander technique mailing list at the end of the page to learn when she will be here next 
Erica Donnison has been a very popular teacher visiting us over the last 8 years and brings her unique skills in Alexander Technique, Tellington Ttouch Training, Pose Running, and MBTI, to Argyll. Her enthusiasm, energy, and ever developing skills have inspired many of us.

Can you benefit from her help in 2019?

May 31 to June 4 : Erica
July 12 – 16 : Erica
August 16 – 20 : Judy Palmer
and around Oct 11 – 15 : Erica 

Erica works with both individuals and groups in all aspects of her work.
Pose running combined with the Alexander Technique helps runners re-find the way they used to run as children – free and fast!
Erica is particularly experienced in helping horse riders find a deeper seat and softer hands, and helps them work safely and calmly with their horses on the ground.
Her website is where you can learn more of her skills and experience.
please feel free to ask any questions :

Please contact Jill to Book your lessons :
email or call 01631 720223 to book
Please pass this information on to any one you think might be interested in lessons. (forward it to your mailing list if you have a relevant one) and we have posters for local community boards etc if you can help put one up please

Alexander Technique is such a powerful technique, yet so gentle. Over the last 10 years we and others in the local area have found benefits for

  • stress
  • back pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • ME
  • hypertension
  • musical performance
  • teaching performance
  • physical occupations
  • theatre performance
  • sports performance – especially running & riding
  • arthritis
  • post operative recovery
  • effective use

Tellington TTouch Training for Horses is a training method which focuses on the link between posture and emotion to help horses cope better with situations that concern them. TTouch Training is also useful to help horses recover from injury or to cope with periods of box rest. Attending a TTouch Training session with Erica Donnison will help you to

  • Notice your horse’s posture and understand what it means
  • Improve your horse’s balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Help your horse be more relaxed and focussed on his/her work
  • Increase your horse’s confidence in difficult situations by helping him/her to act rather than react
  • Improve the working relationship between you and your horse

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® was developed to help us understand more about how we function and interact with others. It demonstrates how we take in information and make decisions to show how differences between people in these areas can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Focussing on the positive in everyone, it helps us realise that people we find difficult to get on with are simply operating slightly differently. This new understanding helps us to interact with people with deeper understanding, making relationships easier. One of the most useful aspects is the concept of introversion and extraversion being about where people get their energy from rather than the more common usage of the words as shy or out-going respectively.

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