Argyll Jacob Sheep=2020

Jacob sheep at Kintaline
We have kept pure Jacobs here at Kintaline for nearly 30 years, and our original ewes were from an old local shepherd.
Our flock has reduced now to just a handful of ewes. Over the years we have improved our fleeces, and selected for meat – the first is wonderful to spin, and the latter very delicious.
We are keeping our flock small nowadays – so will have stock for sale

Ewe lambs  and Tup lambs
Ewe lambs – autumn 2019

Pure Jacob Ewe lambs for sale : not registered but from long lines of pure Jacob flocks bred for meat and for fleece.
We have had our flock for 30 years, and the sheep we got then were from older Argyll flocks.
Their sire was a 4 horned twin from an 11 year old ewe from another 2 old West coast flocks.
Born mid April, all pasture raised and grass fed.
Their mums have been selected for great fleeces for generations
Girls are bucket trained.
All twins / triplets.
Their mums are easy lambing, great mothers, hardy, not escape artists as a few Jacobs can be…

Tup lambs for sale
We have 5 tup lambs for sale





Yarn – handspun and balls of yarn.



Creating a Living Larder : Food, Fibre & Fuel from a few acres in North Argyll